About Andre Botelho


Andre Botelho is know online as "The Expert Youth Soccer Coach" and is a recognized authority in the subject of youth soccer coaching. He has a proven track record of soccer coaching excellence.

Andre Botelho played soccer for 15 years (since he was 11 years old) at the Portuguese Soccer Federation (Federação Portuguesa de Futebol).


Andre Botelho - The Expert Youth Soccer Coach

For more than 5 years he partnered with top youth soccer experts, and in February 2006 he founded and Expert Secret, Lda.


Since then, his life has been about helping ambitious youth soccer coaches use smart coaching techniques, drills, strategies and tricks to transform their coaching and players' lives in ways that provide far greater results, build respect and create personal recognition and success.

Thanks to his success, he has not only attracted an ever-growing, loyal and enthusiastic following 'raving fans', but he's garnered all sorts of recognition. He has already helped thousands of youth coaches to get their 'coaching act' together, both on the Web and offline, in different countries, age groups and skill levels.


He remains the only world-class expert coach to offer both personalized mentoring and also do-it-yourself "learn at home" options to help youth coaches master all the basic and advanced coaching skills, no matter what their personal learning style is. And he offers a complete, no-risk opportunity to see everything for free.


Presently, Andre Botelho has developed a leading youth coaching online community with members in over 25 different countries and that he teaches as "the consultant to consultants, coach to coaches", plus influences well over 15,000 youth coaches a year with his coaching philosophy and strategies.


He has earned the respect of the online soccer coaching community and he works daily, personally, neck deep, with hundreds of from-scratch success youth coaches. His experience is real world, diverse, covering every type of soccer coaching activities, trusted by thousands of successful coaches and continuing, current, cutting-edge.


As an expert youth soccer coach and soccer coaching strategist, he is routinely involved in personal and club projects, and over 80% of all private clients utilizing him once do so repeatedly.


Andre Botelho is the author of the most famous youth soccer coaching report ever written called "The Youth Soccer Coaching Manifesto", that was downloaded for more than 4,000 youth soccer coaches in less than 48 hours. He also wrote the "Missing Coaching Chapter" and the "Expert Youth Soccer Coaching Guide". For his loyal visitors, clients and subscribers he offers these three valuable resources for free. (Expert Secret, Lda)

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